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Performing Arts Centre:

We need to look after a very significant portion of our community that has been underserviced for years and that is the Performing Arts community. Council has created a Steering Committee to facilitate the continuing discussions and planning for a Performing Arts Centre here in Beaumont. We have had a Consultants’ report that has outlined possible design features and pricing. The Steering Committee will work with Admin to review all the factors that need to be considered to create a suggested plan design that will meet the needs of our Arts community.

It is my desire as Mayor to see the completion of a Performing Arts facility by the end of the Council term if not sooner.

Fulltime Policing:

Beaumont continues to be one of the safest communities in Alberta and that is not by mistake. We have a very good RCMP detachment whose 15 members do a great job of policing our community. However, if we want to keep our community safe, our police force needs to grow as our City continues to grow. We will need about 20 RCMP members to provide fulltime policing and as Mayor, I will work towards the continual expansion of our police force with the goal to achieve fulltime policing in the future when it is economically feasible.


Recreational Facilities:

During our term, this Council has done a very good job of expanding the recreational facilities for our citizens but it is fair to say that a lot of the facilities have been reactive as opposed to proactive. As Mayor, I will ensure that Council is constantly looking to the future and planning more recreational facilities to anticipate the needs of the community. I would like to see steering committee set-up by the end of the term to start planning for the next recreation centre.

Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast:

In previous terms of Council, there had been a tradition of a Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast wherein the leadership of various church congregations such as Catholic, Protestants, Sikh, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and other denominations came together to wish Council well in our efforts to look after the needs of our citizens. The event was not a religious ceremony and it reflects the wide diversity of our community. As Mayor, I would like to bring back this tradition with a Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast to occur as early in the new term as planning will allow.


RV Dump Site:

Our community has an abundance of RVs and Motor homes and I have heard from many citizens that we need an RV dump site for this segment of citizens. I will request that Council review this need as early as possible in the new term.

Fire Protective Services:

Our Fire department continues to offer superior service to our citizens with a combination of 4 fulltime members and a large group of volunteer firefighters. We recently entered into a more formal Joint Services Agreement with Leduc County to ensure that we have the resources to protect our citizens and their property. As Mayor, I will ensure that Council stays on top of the needs of our Fire service.

Health Services Facility:

As our population is growing beyond 20,000 residents, it is more and more evident that we need a Health Services Facility right here in Beaumont to offer health care to our residents. As Mayor, I will ensure that Council opens a dialogue with Alberta Health Services to work towards the creation of a Health Services facility whether it be a 24 hour emergency clinic or a full service hospital.

School Board Relationships:

Our current Council, in my opinion does not have as strong a relationship with the 3 school boards within our municipality as we need. As Mayor, I would make every effort for Council to meet with the Trustees of each school Board at least once a year to build and maintain a working relationship. 


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