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Bill Daneluik
For Mayor

Fiscally Responsible"


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My name is Bill Daneluik. I have had the privilege of serving as one of your City Councillors since 2017.

When we moved to Alberta almost 15 years ago, we came across Beaumont and immediately fell in love with it. The idea of raising our children in a small community while being close to a larger centre was very appealing. Beaumont is our home. We have watched our children grow up here and have made many friends in the process.

After being a husband and father to our 3 children, serving on your City Council has been the most rewarding experience of my life. The best part of being a Councillor was having the opportunity to meet and talk with citizens regarding their concerns and ideas for Beaumont and taking those back to Council.

Beaumont is full of people with the same passion that I have for Beaumont and it’s future and being able to interact with them has been an honour.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Councillor.

I am now looking to continue to serve the people of Beaumont and build on my passion for Beaumont by serving as your Mayor.

I firmly believe that I have the personality, the skills and the work ethic to lead Beaumont into the future.

Together, we can keep Beaumont as “the place to live” in Alberta.

Thank for your consideration.

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Four years ago when I ran for Council, I made a commitment to work hard and make decisions that were in the best interests of Beaumont as a whole.


I am proud of the work I have done on Council and I believe I am ready for the next step to lead our City for the next four years. 

Council has achieved a lot in our mandate. We have built the Beaumont Sports And Recreation Centre and this year we are constructing the 5 ball diamonds and 12 acre dog park as well as the Multi-Use Artificial Turf Field in 4 Seasons Park. But there is more work to do. Leading our community requires strong leadership for the challenges we face such as how to keep Beaumont growing to attract new families and businesses without losing that small town feel that makes it BeaumontI am ready for that challenge.


As your Mayor, I will balance economic development, arts, culture and recreational needs with providing superior service levels to our citizens and keeping taxes as low as possible.  


Beaumont’s Mayor is now a fulltime position and with that comes a very high level of expectation. As your fulltime Mayor, I will lead our community by being, accessible, accountable and fiscally responsible to the citizens of Beaumont.


My Commitment 
To You

The future



I would love to hear your thoughts on how to make Beaumont better


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J.G. (Jim) Wotherspoon ADH., JLG.
Cheyenne Tree Farms

Over the years I have watched Bill perform his job as a town/city councillor with the passion that comes from one who truly believes in and cares about the community he and his family call home.

You may not agree with Bill on a particular issue but he makes himself available to sit with you and have a conversation.

Bill possesses that most sot after of human traits--- the non-negotiable trait of integrity.

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Melissa Lloyd

I am happy to put my support behind Bill Daneluik as he runs in the upcoming election for the Mayor of Beaumont.  I have found Bill to be highly visible in our community since he became elected as a Councillor in 2017.  He regularly attends a variety of events hosted in and around our community, such as, hockey games at the arena, ball games at the diamonds, festivals and other events in our city.  Bill is always available for a conversation and willing to listen and answer any questions one might have.  In my conversations with Bill, it is easy to see he has an excellent understanding of what our city needs to progress for the future and further advance our community.  It is evident Bill is passionate about our community and being involved in its future.

Tim Butler

I’ve known Bill for over 10 years and there is no one that is more passionate about the community and people of Beaumont.  Bill is what is right about those who want to serve.


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